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Welcome to the Home Page of the Cost Effective Modernisation of Systems Important to Safety (CEMSIS) Project.

The aim of the project is to maximise safety and to minimise cost of refurbishments of control and instrumentation Systems Important to Safety (SIS).

The project has developed guidance to help achieve this aim while making use of contemporary commercial technology (e.g. COTS) and developing a set of approaches that build towards common practices within the EU.

Our Strategy

The main innovative aspects of the CEMSIS project are in addressing the following key issues:

Further Information:

Project Overview A quick overview of the project
Deliverables A list of the project deliverables along with their current status and links to completed public deliverables
Public Workshop The CEMSIS project was discussed at a public workshop in Luxembourg on 13 November 2003 in association with FISA 2003
Other Public Documents Provides Links to various MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents related to CEMSIS
Contractors Additional information on the contractors involved in CEMSIS
Members Further documentation on the project containing non-public information

Last Updated: 17/03/04