Requirements Capture

Work Package 2 is to investigate methods for establishing the requirements for the refurbishment of control systems that are important to safety, and to develop an associated engineering process that adequately supports the definition of these requirements.

The requirements capture process is a difficult but vital part of the project. The 'requirements' to be captured are safety, application and system requirements.

Existing requirements are recovered using techniques incorporating formal and computer-aided techniques to capture requirements from existing design documentation. e.g. the analysis of ladder logic diagrams for discrete relay-based systems that may need to be replaced by computer based equivalents.

Further requirements are established through using the following methods:

An information collection exercise has been carried out using the following sources:

The framework for Work Package 2 has been identified, with three main components:

A requirements engineering lifecycle First developed in the context of a safety lifecycle and Plant Modification Proposal (PMP).
A set of stakeholders or viewpoints i.e. anyone whose work will be affected by the project.
A taxonomy of projects Based on criticality, timeliness, size of code, cost, etc.