COTS Packages

To develop cost effective techniques and strategies to demonstrate that the software and architectural design of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products are suitable for performing functions important to safety.

When dealing with this work package it was noted that the term "COTS" was defined in various ways and was also restrictive. For these reasons it has been replaced by the term "Off The Shelf Products" (OTSP) defined as follow: "Item which already exists and is available as a commercial or proprietary product".

As the same OTSP may be used in several different systems, it is proposed that the overall justification strategy for OTSP-based I&C makes a distinction between two main phases:

On the basis of:

WP3 proposes strategies and recommendations for the two main activities of the pre-qualification: the functional assessment and the dependability assessment.

Then, WP3 addresses the matching of the OTSP with the requirements of the SIS (Systems Important to Safety) and the overall safety justification of OTSP-based SIS.